May 06

How to navigate The Interior Design Process

Knowing where to start with your interior design project can be overwhelming. What may seem like a huge challenge and stressful experience can be a stress-free journey for you. Quattro Interiors has you covered, with our tried and tested method and years of experience. We’ve broken down all the steps in the interior design process so you can feel easier about your upcoming project. Do I need an interior designer? Interesting question! I would like to think that what we do is to add value to a project. We all see many successful renovations or new home projects that don’t use an interior designer. But for reasonably sized new home builds or home renovations the process can be long and complex. So at least I hope we can simplify that for the client. Should I wait until I have a property before I come and see you? Not necessarily. In the past, we have assisted many clients to find the perfect property. In both residential and commercial situations. Quite often a client is looking for something in particular. They would like to check plans and explore options to see if what they are wanting to do is possible. For example; […]
Apr 16


Inspiration doesn’t always fall out of the sky, whether you’re an experienced interior architect or an aspiring creative. It’s important in any creative field to have an array of resources at your fingertips. Interior architecture is an ever-changing industry, inspiration can be drawn from anywhere. From the culture around us to eras of the past. Current architecture & design blogs allow us to dive deeper into local culture as well as far away places. We can keep on top of trends while drawing on ideas of personal passion. Reading the best architecture blogs allows everyone in the industry to stay ahead and not get left behind. With the digital age and social media changing the way we digest information in 2021, blogs are a big deal. So we’re here to inform you of the best architecture blogs right now. We’ve had a chat with the director of Quattro Interiors. Kylie helps us understand how information mediums have changed. And what this means for new or aspiring interior architects. As an experienced interior architect, what has changed over the years in the way you find inspiration & information? Really good question! Way back in the day 😉 – When I first […]
Mar 28

Gestalten – Inspirational books to cozy up with

Gestalten is Quattro’s favourite book publisher. They have been vastly exploring visual culture since 1995. Because of this, Gestalten are our favourite inspirational books to cozy up with. Gestalten has actively reimagined the world of publishing and continues to do so. With their broad range of titles, they seek to enhance and enrich the lives of their readers. While simultaneously engaging constantly with the ever-changing surrounding creative landscape.   Gestalten began with a focus on the aesthetic, particularly within graphic design. Since their beginning over 25 years ago, the breadth of their content and expertise has widened. Today, they draw their inspiration from the world around us. While surveilling art, culture, people, small details and big events, they anticipate change. Changes within architecture, design, fashion, travel, escapism, visual culture, food & beverages and modern art.   Gestalten hopes to inspire people regardless of the medium. With the focus on creative culture and the main aim being mutual inspiration.   Why are Gestalten’s inspirational books Quattro’s favourite to cozy up with? We are always looking to books for inspiration, this is probably a hangover from back in the day before the www…. So over the years, we have collected many! Over […]
Mar 12


Quattro was born in Sydney, Australia in 2000. 4 business partners teamed up to create an architecture firm, then named Quattro Design. Kylie wanted a change of direction for the interior architecture side of the business. So the business was split amicably into Quattro Architecture and Quattro Interiors in 2011. Quattro Interiors migrated to Zermatt, Switzerland in 2014. Kylie has implemented a variety of cultural and elemental influences in her 27 years of experience. Today we talk about the story of Quattro’s success, evolution and where the company is going from here. What drew you into the world of Interior Design? This was very much by chance, after returning from a year exchange in Sweden in 1990.  Enrolled in a Mathematics & Computing Degree at Curtin University, something after a year away I could not imagine doing.  I got out the student handbook and had a look for something that interested me more.   The Interior Design degree seemed to jump out at me.   I called the university to see if I could change courses. The answer was a definite no, second round offers had already gone out. It was such a popular degree that the administrators were sure […]