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Jul 16
Why We Love Voltra Lighting Products
Combining intimate cosy lighting with a practical function for both home and hospitality environments. With innovative engineering paired with elegant design, it’s easy to see why we love Voltra Lighting products. Voltra Lighting creates products that are versatile and easily controlled. Voltra Lighting is a partnership between lighting design and manufacturing experts. A dedicated design and engineering team developed a modular solution that incorporates a unique, removable, rechargeable engine that can quickly be switched between their lighting fixtures. The engine is the heart of all of the lights, as well as the power, it also controls light levels and modes.  It’s easy to see why their slogan is “Designed for ambience, engineered for intelligence”. They wanted to create the feeling of an intimate atmosphere partnered with a simple user experience – ensuring their lights are beautiful both in form and function. Dedicated to quality, all of their lamps and charging solutions have been engineered and tested to the highest standards possible and are manufactured by experts in lighting. I caught up with Kylie from Quattro Interiors to ask her why she loves Voltra Lighting products: How did Quattro Interiors spot Voltra Lighting? We first became aware of Voltra lighting back […]
Jun 29
Bemboka, the fast-growing Australian linen designer and manufacturer are one of our go-to brands. They have been producing bespoke merchandise since 1962, using a combination of the world’s most luxurious yarns with timeless designs. Bemboka produces quality and sophisticated knitted blankets and throws, designed to suit any home. Their collections include Italian cashmere throws, pure cotton blankets, pure cotton Turkish towels and luxury blends of angora and merino wool.  Their popularity is growing rapidly worldwide. Known for their beautiful designs, exceptional quality and sustainably conscious approach. Their pieces can be seen in the homes of your neighbours or the most prestigious hotels and resorts globally.  Where it began for Quattro Interiors Quattro Interiors has been using Bemboka since 2006. The first purchase being throw rugs for a styling project, after which the director of Quattro Interiors then decided to keep the throws in her home. They have been used in multiple styling projects ever since.  “It’s really rare to find a knitted rug that will machine wash and tumble dry, but yet retain its shape.”  – Kylie Grimwood Bemboka produces long-lasting, great quality pieces. These are items that you buy once and may never have to replace. We believe it’s […]
Jun 16
The ultimate guide to using plants in interior design
Using plants in interior design will never go out of style. As well as adding a pop of colour, plants offer luscious leaves, unique silhouettes, style, texture, irregular structural forms and not to mention health benefits.  Plants improve the quality of the air by a natural air filtering process which helps us breathe easier. They also increase humidity and decrease dust in the environment helping to fight colds and allergies. Plants also offer us a sense of calm and reduce anxiety as well as a tonne of other physical and mental health benefits.  With all of these things in mind, plants should be an essential part of your interior design process. Carefully selecting plants to compliment the decor of a room is one of the most essential finishing touches when planning your interior design. As far as we are concerned, the more plants the better.  How to style your plants? Fill empty spaces with plants Use floor plants to fill a void, large or tall leafy plants give a bold structure, colour and unusual silhouettes to an otherwise dull space. Unless you’re going for a super minimalistic style ‘less is more’ does not apply here.  Create a micro jungle Use […]
How to Create a Home Office That Inspires Creativity
As we’ve moved into a time where more and more people are working from home, it’s never been so important to carve out your own little workspace. Keeping your home and work life separate can be difficult when they are so intertwined within the same environment. Let us show you how to create a home office no matter what space or budget you’re dealing with. What is the best way to set up a home office? The three main factors of your workspace will be: Worktop Screen Sitting or Standing? Firstly you’ll need an area to work on, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a desk. I’ll explain more about that later. You’ll also need your computer, laptop, tablet or phone from which you plan to work from. To create a home office with the perfect ergonomic environment, use the ergotron workspace planner to set up your desk and screen height. Lastly, you should decide if you want a standing or seated desk area, it’s also possible to create a home office that’s versatile enough for both. Studies have shown that sitting down for long periods of time is bad for our health. On the flip side of that, so […]
How to navigate The Interior Design Process
Knowing where to start with your interior design project can be overwhelming. What may seem like a huge challenge and stressful experience can be a stress-free journey for you. Quattro Interiors has you covered, with our tried and tested method and years of experience. We’ve broken down all the steps in the interior design process so you can feel easier about your upcoming project. Do I need an interior designer? Interesting question! I would like to think that what we do is to add value to a project. We all see many successful renovations or new home projects that don’t use an interior designer. But for reasonably sized new home builds or home renovations the process can be long and complex. So at least I hope we can simplify that for the client. Should I wait until I have a property before I come and see you? Not necessarily. In the past, we have assisted many clients to find the perfect property. In both residential and commercial situations. Quite often a client is looking for something in particular. They would like to check plans and explore options to see if what they are wanting to do is possible. For example; […]
Inspiration doesn’t always fall out of the sky, whether you’re an experienced interior architect or an aspiring creative. It’s important in any creative field to have an array of resources at your fingertips. Interior architecture is an ever-changing industry, inspiration can be drawn from anywhere. From the culture around us to eras of the past. Current architecture & design blogs allow us to dive deeper into local culture as well as far away places. We can keep on top of trends while drawing on ideas of personal passion. Reading the best architecture blogs allows everyone in the industry to stay ahead and not get left behind. With the digital age and social media changing the way we digest information in 2021, blogs are a big deal. So we’re here to inform you of the best architecture blogs right now. We’ve had a chat with the director of Quattro Interiors. Kylie helps us understand how information mediums have changed. And what this means for new or aspiring interior architects. As an experienced interior architect, what has changed over the years in the way you find inspiration & information? Really good question! Way back in the day 😉 – When I first […]
Gestalten – Inspirational books to cozy up with
Gestalten is Quattro’s favourite book publisher. They have been vastly exploring visual culture since 1995. Because of this, Gestalten are our favourite inspirational books to cozy up with. Gestalten has actively reimagined the world of publishing and continues to do so. With their broad range of titles, they seek to enhance and enrich the lives of their readers. While simultaneously engaging constantly with the ever-changing surrounding creative landscape.   Gestalten began with a focus on the aesthetic, particularly within graphic design. Since their beginning over 25 years ago, the breadth of their content and expertise has widened. Today, they draw their inspiration from the world around us. While surveilling art, culture, people, small details and big events, they anticipate change. Changes within architecture, design, fashion, travel, escapism, visual culture, food & beverages and modern art.   Gestalten hopes to inspire people regardless of the medium. With the focus on creative culture and the main aim being mutual inspiration.   Why are Gestalten’s inspirational books Quattro’s favourite to cozy up with? We are always looking to books for inspiration, this is probably a hangover from back in the day before the www…. So over the years, we have collected many! Over […]
Mar 12
Quattro was born in Sydney, Australia in 2000. 4 business partners teamed up to create an architecture firm, then named Quattro Design. Kylie wanted a change of direction for the interior architecture side of the business. So the business was split amicably into Quattro Architecture and Quattro Interiors in 2011. Quattro Interiors migrated to Zermatt, Switzerland in 2014. Kylie has implemented a variety of cultural and elemental influences in her 27 years of experience. Today we talk about the story of Quattro’s success, evolution and where the company is going from here. What drew you into the world of Interior Design? This was very much by chance, after returning from a year exchange in Sweden in 1990.  Enrolled in a Mathematics & Computing Degree at Curtin University, something after a year away I could not imagine doing.  I got out the student handbook and had a look for something that interested me more.   The Interior Design degree seemed to jump out at me.   I called the university to see if I could change courses. The answer was a definite no, second round offers had already gone out. It was such a popular degree that the administrators were sure […]
Oct 07
Zahli Restaurant brings a new take on modern Middle Eastern cuisine to Surry Hills. Zahli has just opened its doors in Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills, raising the bar for modern Middle Eastern cuisine in Sydney with its distinctive take on traditional Lebanese dining. With interior design expertise provided by Kylie Grimwood of Quattro Interiors, owner Mohammad Issmail has created an environment, atmosphere and menu designed to transport diners to the banks of the Sannine on a warm night – with a fresh, contemporary twist. Zahli Quattro Interiors Photography by Jennifer Soo View the article  
Sep 03

With Lebanese being one of my favourite cuisines, I have tried and failed to find a great local one in inner Sydney. But my luck may be changing, with the new Zahli in Surry Hills bringing a fresh and distinctive take on the Middle Eastern culture.

Jun 15
TITLE: A Naturally Neutral Finish AUTHOR: Catherine Nikas-Boulos PUBLISHED: February 15, 2013 Quattro was engaged for the renovation of a luxury home in Bayview. The renovation involved opening up the living, dining and kitchen areas, relocating the general entrance into these areas, and installing full length windows; all to take full advantage of the beautiful expansive views across Pittwater. This article talks about the project in detail and how Quattro approached the brief, as well as showcases stunning photography. Download Article