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With Lebanese being one of my favourite cuisines, I have tried and failed to find a great local one in inner Sydney. But my luck may be changing, with the new Zahli in Surry Hills bringing a fresh and distinctive take on the Middle Eastern culture.

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Based on the rich tradition of Lebanon’s famous mezza from the Zahli region along the beautiful banks of the Bardouni River near Mount Sannine, owner Mohammad Issmail wanted to take that unique environment and transport it to Sydney’s Inner East with a fresh, contemporary twist. This restaurant certainly looks great!

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With a long history of restaurant partnerships in Lebanon and Dubai, Zahli, in Elizabeth Street, is Mohammad’s first Sydney restaurant. Passionate about creating an extraordinary experience for diners, the restaurant offers amazing food, service and ambience. With interior expertise provided by Kylie Grimwood of Quattro Design, the environment, atmosphere and menu are designed to transport diners to the banks of the Sannine on a warm night.

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Obsessed with delivering excellence – in taste, service, experience and memories – head chef Abdul Shams takes the traditional as a starting point and confounds the clichés to create unique dishes packed with flavour. Start with a selection of freshly made dips and salads or share a hot mezzo and follow up with a main such as mansaf lamb, mixed grill, shawarma lamb or lemon garlic chicken.

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Pretty sure one of us will be checking this place out soon! For more information.

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