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Why We Love Voltra Lighting Products

Combining intimate cosy lighting with a practical function for both home and hospitality environments. With innovative engineering paired with elegant design, it’s easy to see why we love Voltra Lighting products. Voltra Lighting creates products that are versatile and easily controlled.

Voltra Lighting is a partnership between lighting design and manufacturing experts. A dedicated design and engineering team developed a modular solution that incorporates a unique, removable, rechargeable engine that can quickly be switched between their lighting fixtures. The engine is the heart of all of the lights, as well as the power, it also controls light levels and modes. 

It’s easy to see why their slogan is “Designed for ambience, engineered for intelligence”.

They wanted to create the feeling of an intimate atmosphere partnered with a simple user experience – ensuring their lights are beautiful both in form and function.

Dedicated to quality, all of their lamps and charging solutions have been engineered and tested to the highest standards possible and are manufactured by experts in lighting.

Voltra Lighting range of lamps on a grey background

I caught up with Kylie from Quattro Interiors to ask her why she loves Voltra Lighting products:

How did Quattro Interiors spot Voltra Lighting?

We first became aware of Voltra lighting back in 2019 through new product information that is always flooding into the office. As a lover of lighting and having spent so many years working in both residential and hospitality projects there has always been a need for this kind of product on the market.  A rechargeable and beautiful small table light was a game-changer.  It was so refreshing to see a product that was presented to us that was not just another tealight holder to hold a flashing LED tea light!

What drew you to their lights?

I think the main thing is it is such a practical, beautiful quality product.  This is something we really want to use on restaurant tables, at the cosy hotel lounge bar, or the outdoor dining area.  It makes a perfect replacement for tealights in luxury villas and chalets – and no fire danger! 

They are also perfect for the home, in those places you would like some ambient light, but have no power outlet. Or at the dining, inside or out for those special occasions.

My attention was recently recaptured by Voltra Lighting with the new range of Hemisphere lamps and lanterns – the porcelain shades by JL Coquet are stunning!

How does Voltra Lighting fit in with the Quattro Interiors aesthetic and ethos?

I think the three words I keep using above – beautiful, quality and practicality!  The things we look for in all of our partner brands and products.

Voltra Lighting with the new range of Hemisphere lamps and lanterns – the porcelain shades by JL Coquet.

I spoke with Voltra Lighting to find out a little more about the company:

Where did the inspiration come from to create Voltra Lighting?

Voltra’s products were meant to be affordable luxury, both for hospitality places and homes. To do so, Voltra brought together experts in design, engineering, production and hospitality to create technically advanced cordless lighting.

Where did the concept of recreating the intimacy of candlelight come from? 

The first TOTEM collection was designed by Arnold Chan, one of the UK’s most prominent lighting designers.  Arnold’s philosophy behind TOTEM is to create a lighting atmosphere, encapsulated in a beautifully designed fixture, providing the perfect balance between design and functionality – recreating the intimacy of candlelight. 

What is Voltra Lighting’s Vision?

Voltra’s vision is to create a sense of intimacy married with a seamless user experience. At the heart of each Voltra lamp is our unique cordless engine that offers different light modes and a candle-like flickering effect through a patented in-house technology. 

hospitality table lights glowing in the evening.

What makes Voltra Lighting different from anything else on the market?

All lamps are rated IP65, which make them suitable for outdoor use. 

At the heart of each Voltra lamp is an advanced cordless engine that provides power, three different dimming levels and a candle-like mode. 

Voltra products are elegant and intimate vessels of light – meant to be iconic yet unobtrusive, complementing spaces and never interrupting them. 

Your most recent collaboration is stunning pieces created with J.L Coquet, where did the idea for this union come from?

Hemisphere lights and lanterns are the results of perfect harmony between the craftsmanship of JL Coquet, Porcelain Manufacture in Limoges (France) since 1824, and the design-led engineering of Voltra Lighting, a company specializing in cordless ambient lighting. While Voltra’s metal base highlights a timeless design, the finesse and purity of the wonderful Limoges porcelain offer a unique and even diffusion of light, creating a warm and sophisticated ambience.

Voltra Lighting with the new range of Hemisphere lamps and lanterns – the porcelain shades by JL Coquet

Do you plan on more collaborations in the future?

Yes, we are currently working on a new collaboration with a renowned, traditional UK brand which will most probably come to light in 2022. Next to that concrete project, Voltra keeps engaging discussions with inspiring, refined, and complementary brands to our Voltra’s own collections.

Why we love Voltra Lighting

When beautiful design is paired with innovative engineering in products that are both stunning and practical for a home or hospitality environment, they are hard to ignore. Voltra Lighting is leading the way in atmospheric and functional lighting and we are very excited to be working with them on our future projects.

Author – Teri-Anne of An Aimless Walk an outdoor adventure, travel and mountain sports site.

About the Author:
Teri-Anne is a content creator and travel writer based in the Swiss Alps. Owner of http://www.anaimlesswalk.com

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