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Bemboka, the fast-growing Australian linen designer and manufacturer are one of our go-to brands. They have been producing bespoke merchandise since 1962, using a combination of the world’s most luxurious yarns with timeless designs.

Bemboka produces quality and sophisticated knitted blankets and throws, designed to suit any home. Their collections include Italian cashmere throws, pure cotton blankets, pure cotton Turkish towels and luxury blends of angora and merino wool. 

Their popularity is growing rapidly worldwide. Known for their beautiful designs, exceptional quality and sustainably conscious approach. Their pieces can be seen in the homes of your neighbours or the most prestigious hotels and resorts globally. 

Boundary Street House Darlinghurt, Bedroom with grey Bemboka linen.

Where it began for Quattro Interiors

Quattro Interiors has been using Bemboka since 2006. The first purchase being throw rugs for a styling project, after which the director of Quattro Interiors then decided to keep the throws in her home. They have been used in multiple styling projects ever since. 

“It’s really rare to find a knitted rug that will machine wash and tumble dry, but yet retain its shape.”  – Kylie Grimwood

Bemboka produces long-lasting, great quality pieces. These are items that you buy once and may never have to replace. We believe it’s better to buy a quality product once than to have to continually replace them. This is also better for the environment.

Kylie of Quattro uses Bemboka products both personally as well as in business. They’re a part of her everyday life. We have many projects at Quattro Interiors with companies like Bramble Ski, a luxury chalet operator in the Swiss Alps. These clients need items that are both beautiful and practical.

One of our favourite things about Bemboka is that they can create custom sizes and colours in reasonably small quantities. We’ve ordered throws in longer sizes as they need to be placed on a 1.8m wide bed.

Lots of hotels and restaurants in the Swiss Alps have outdoor terraces that provide blankets or throws for their guests. Having a quality product that is machine washable is ideal for these places. 

We caught up with Petr Houf, Director of Bemboka to ask him a few questions.

Petr Houf Bemboka Director

What is the ethos behind Bemboka?

We’ve built the Bemboka brand around three essentials: luxury, quality and durability. And this passion for on-trend bedroom and bathroom products has seen us travel the world to create statement pieces for those who enjoy a taste of the finer things. We want you to be certain that with Bemboka, you always know you are getting best-in-class. 

Where did the inspiration come from to create Bemboka?

Back in 1997, Bemboka creators saw a gap in the market for luxury bedding designs. Trends were short-lived and the quality of blankets and throws in the market were less than desirable. We wanted to create simple, yet modern designs which will look sophisticated for years to come. We only produce timeless Australian-designed pieces that are suitable for any home. 

I love looking back and seeing how the brand has grown and is now gaining international recognition. That is now the ultimate goal. We want the brand to be recognised as a luxury brand that sets standard for enduring quality. The most challenging is competing with other brands that pretend to be quality brands and use false advertising to present their products.

Haus Leytron Lounge area with Bemboka throw.

What is the secret to Bemboka’s success?

We believe here at Bemboka you cannot find a comparison in the market that shares the same premium quality. We have worked tirelessly over the years to ensure we source the best, most high-quality yarns.

Our designs are so unique, and our knitting process is so intricate that it can take anywhere between 2.5 – near 4 hours to knit any one of our beautiful throws or blankets. Bemboka is a worthy investment with our towels lasting 5+ years in pristine condition and our blankets 10+ years. Our loyal customers are a testament to this. 

Can you explain to me Bemboka’s Ethical and Sustainability practices?

One of Bemboka’s core values is to ensure we are doing our part for the environment by manufacturing and shipping our products in the most sustainable way we can. We are consistently working out ways to better ourselves with evolving times.

The team at Bemboka work closely with our suppliers to ensure all raw materials are sustainably sourced. Bemboka products are animal cruelty-free proudly manufactured in New Zealand, Portugal, Turkey and Italy.

We use premium quality yarns, eliminating all harsh chemicals, ensuring low energy use, high labour standards and a strategically implemented and effectively managed recycling process. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable containing an organic additive to assist with fast-tracking the biodegradable process in a landfill environment. 

LONGITUDE 131 Bedroom design in neutral colours by Bemboka, overlooking Uluru

Bemboka features in prestigious hotels across the globe, do you have any favourite projects?

Bemboka is privileged to work with many boutique hotels both domestically and internationally. Each hotel order is uniquely their own and it is truly exciting for the team here at Bemboka to be a part of creating luxurious designs to be seen by so many people around the world.

A top favourite project would have to be the very well-known Hotel Longitude 131 overlooking Uluru in Australia’s Northern Territory. We were able to construct a beautiful reversible rib design containing a lovely burnt orange to compliment the spectacular view.

Why we love Bemboka Products

As you can see from this article, there are many reason to love Bemboka products. From their desire to create quality, durable and luxurious pieces, to their admirable sustainability practices. We hope that their pieces bring you as much pleasure as they do us over here at the Quattro Interiors HQ.

Author – Teri-Anne of An Aimless Walk an outdoor adventure, travel and mountain sports site.

About the Author:
Teri-Anne is a content creator and travel writer based in the Swiss Alps. Owner of http://www.anaimlesswalk.com

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