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Inspiration doesn’t always fall out of the sky, whether you’re an experienced interior architect or an aspiring creative. It’s important in any creative field to have an array of resources at your fingertips. Interior architecture is an ever-changing industry, inspiration can be drawn from anywhere. From the culture around us to eras of the past. Current architecture & design blogs allow us to dive deeper into local culture as well as far away places. We can keep on top of trends while drawing on ideas of personal passion. Reading the best architecture blogs allows everyone in the industry to stay ahead and not get left behind. With the digital age and social media changing the way we digest information in 2021, blogs are a big deal. So we’re here to inform you of the best architecture blogs right now. We’ve had a chat with the director of Quattro Interiors. Kylie helps us understand how information mediums have changed. And what this means for new or aspiring interior architects.

As an experienced interior architect, what has changed over the years in the way you find inspiration & information?

Really good question! Way back in the day 😉 – When I first started working in an architecture practice in Perth I was in charge of the library.  The library was in the basement of the practice and was about the size of my current office which seats 6 people comfortably! Product information was all printed, so everything needed to be filed in a system that made it easy to find. Much the same as today. But my filing system for product info today is on my Google bookmark bar – so much more space effective. My source of inspiration has always been project and product information. This includes architecture and design magazines or independent articles. As well as product samples and information on the application of them. Also seeing new work (or old work) in the flesh. As an office, we always had many subscriptions to Architecture & Design magazines. When we moved out of our office in Sydney we donated all our magazines to design students at the UNSW. It must have been enough to fill a wall of 6m2 (that’s a lot of magazines). Today our information library is more compact. We try as much as possible to avoid printed copies of product information. Especially if a supplier’s website is up to date. Our reliance on the internet for inspiration and information is huge. As a business that specialises in designing spaces that create an emotive response. It is still important for us to keep physical samples of products where we can. So nowadays we try to use our space wisely and focus as much as possible on the relevant physical samples. Such as wood, fabric and paint colours for day to day use. Then this is added to project by project as necessary.

Do you think the digital age and the creation of architecture blogs are beneficial for aspiring creatives?

There are many worthwhile blogs out there now. In some ways, they have replaced the need for magazine subscriptions (paper or digital). We all have so much information at our fingertips which is a powerful tool. Though knowing how to use this can be daunting. The more access to project and product information we can have the better. Not being confined to one location has opened up a whole new world of inspiration.The internet has allowed exposure to different cultures and countries. To look at the Australian design ethos, for example. They have a strong sense of place and space. I believe this has come from being remote. Perhaps in the past not having easy exposure to the rest of the world as say being in Europe. Australian design aesthetic grew initially from its remoteness. With the online resources, now it can influence the rest of the world and vice versa.

What are your go-to inspiration resources or architecture blogs and why?

This list could go on and on…. Here’s a shortlist of online resources I visit often for inspiration!

Yellow Trace

yellow trace project architecture
I feel like this blog was around before blogs were a thing! Dana Tomic Hughes is a qualified Interior Architect based in Sydney. She is now one of the most important influencers in the global design community. The site is updated daily and we can always find something to pique our interest! Thanks Dana for always keeping us up to date! Here is a link to one of the Yellow trace blogs from the distant past. It features one of our most loved projects from Sydney.  Yellow Trace – Sydney

The Cool Hunter

the cool hunter helsinki bar architecture blogs
As their name suggests these guys literally hunt down all things cool in design worldwide. Again they are one that I feel has been with us from the beginning. They provide design inspiration and allow us to daydream about faraway destinations. This is great for inspiration to plan our next journeys too also.


architonic simple lounge
This one is not so much a blog as a product database. I can honestly say that there is currently not a day that I do not open Architonic to source products. It is a constant companion in the search for the new, unknown, or the ‘just right’ product for a project.

Belle Magazine Australia

australian interior design architecture blogs
This one keeps me in touch with what is going on back in Oz! Always nice to see projects from the places I know and by the people I know.


wallpaper interior design blog colourful home
Wallpaper was always one of my most loved magazines from my university days. It was the cool mag (and also quite expensive). The magazine (and now website) covers all things design and luxury living. Including travel, which is always an inspiration. I always follow these guys with a bit of nostalgia for the paper magazine I used to buy. Also, the amazing travel guides that were always my companion on a journey.

Off-Piste by Ski Boutique

mountain mixologist
This one is close to my heart in my mountain home in Zermatt. I met Dan from Ski Boutique when he had just started out. Ski Boutique was born of his passion for the mountains and also for luxury. For me, the Ski Boutique blog is a regular source of inspiration. It helps me to get to know the new place I live and the new side of this industry I have found myself in.


GFDA architecture blog advice
Or ‘Good Fucking Design Advice’. This one is more about looking after your head as a designer, it is my mentor and a daily dose of ‘keeping it real’. It is a constant reminder that all the shit going on in your head as a designer is normal and everyone else goes through it too! Good everyday advice and well worth a read for anyone. Also – for anyone that knows me well, you know I love a good swear word, so this is right up my alley! For more information about the director of Quattro Interiors, head over to our Interview with Kylie Author – Teri-Anne of An Aimless Walk
About the Author:
Teri-Anne is a content creator and travel writer based in the Swiss Alps. Owner of http://www.anaimlesswalk.com

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